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The Historical Jesus


The Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) presents the International eConference on the Historical Jesus, which brings together historians, philosophers, specialists, and scholars from all over the world to discuss the latest in historical Jesus research.

With 12+ hours of video content, the purpose of this multidisciplinary virtual conference is to advance the socio-political, historical, hermeneutical, and philosophical understanding of the historical Jesus.


1. "Jesus and the Son of Man" (J. M. Dixon)

2. "The Jesus We Find in the Gospels Never Existed!" (John W. Loftus)

3. "The Jesus Parable" (Tim Freke)

4. "A New Paradigm for the Study of Christian Origins" (Frank Zindler)

5. "Responses to Critiques of Our Jesus Hyperscepticism" (Raphael Lataster)

6. "Historicity: Dogma or Hypothesis, a Comparison of Methods" (Richard Carrier)

7. "Why Mythicism Matters" (David Fitzgerald)

8. "Jesus, Socialism, and 'Judeo-topia'" (Ken Hanson)

9. "Theology Inflation and the Disappearance of Jesus" (David Madison)

10. "Resurrection and Apotheosis in Pre-Christian Antiquity" (Derreck Bennett)

11. "Mythicism and Preterism" (Robert M. Price)

12. "Searching for the Jesus of History: Strauss, Nietzsche, Dostoyevsky" (Morgan Rempel)

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