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Holocaust Memory Studies


It's essential to ensure that future generations understand the immense tragedy that occurred and the devastating consequences of hatred, bigotry, and discrimination.

Join historians, philosophers, and researchers from around the globe to discuss the decreasing number of Holocaust survivors and the steady rise of antisemitism.

Explore the various practices through which Holocaust memories are mediated and preserved.

In this international and interdisciplinary virtual library, you will have access to 25+ hours of on-demand content from prestigious world scholars to advance your understanding of Holocaust Memory.


1) "Terminology and Theology of the Holocaust" by Prof. Zev Garber

2) "Medieval Treatment of the Jew and the Church" by Charles Isbell, PhD

3) "The Future of Holocaust Memory" by Ellen G. Friedman, PhD

4) "Wresting Scripture: The Decontextualized Use of the Bible by the Nazis" by Jason Hensley

5) "Music in Concentration Camps: An Ephemeral, Meaningful and Timeless Object of Memory" by Chiara Antico

6) "Free Will, The Holocaust, and The Problem of Evil" by David Kyle Johnson, PhD

7) "The Shoah and Jewish Faith: Voices from the Midst of the Tragedy" by Kenneth Hanson, PhD

8) "The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen and Faith in its Aftermath" by Dr. Bernice Lerner

9) "Primo Levi on Belief, Nonbelief, and Becoming a Jew" by Morgan Rempel, PhD

10) "How Nazis Used "Love Yourself" during Holocaust to Meet German Psychological Egoism" by Fitrilya Anjarsari

11) "The Danger of Cultural Erasure in Inter-Ethnic, Inter-Religious, Trans-National Rescue in Times of Genocide Violence" by Elyse Pierce

12) "René Girard on the Holocaust and Its Aftermath" by Prof. George Dunn

13) "Islamic Jihad and the Holocaust: From Hitler to Hamas" by David Patterson, PhD

14) "Living with the Other: The Hiding of Jews by Catholic Religious in France" by Eliot Nidam Orvieto

15) "Historical and Contemporary Eugenics: From Selection to Design" by Jason Eberl, PhD

16) "In the Aftermath of the War Against Memory" by David Patterson, PhD

17) "(Im)Possible Romance- Intimate Relationships Between Israeli Jews and Non-Jewish Germans" by Liat Steir-Livny, PhD

18) "Holocaust Survivor Who Became a Freedom School Teacher: Marione Ingram’s Journey from Hamburg to Mississippi" by Miyuki Kita

19) "Inclusion/Exclusion of Sephardic and Mizrahi Jewry" by Prof. Yitzchak Kerem

20) "Investigating the Vow to Remember" by Maya Gal

21) "Memorializing Jewish Identity through Art and Haunted Space in Berlin’s Scheunenviertal" by Nilaya Knafo

22) "Nelson, Spielberg, and the ‘Violation’ of Memory" by Morgan Rempel, PhD

23) "The Forgotten Survivors Deported, Exiled, and Accidentally Saved by Stalin" by Kara Torres-Kilgannon

24) "The Intersection of Religious Communities" by Katherine Gaffney

25) "Using Storytelling to Build a Deep Connection to the Holocaust" by Deborah Fripp, PhD

26) "Memory Faces on Facebook" by Gila Oren, PhD

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